I’ve attended a few WOWS events over the last couple of years & really enjoyed and appreciated the unique multi cultural community experiences. At a few of the WOWS events I attended attendees where invited to bring a plate of food to share & it was like an amazing pot luck, multi cultural buffet!! Sharing, tasting & experiencing so many different flavours & unique home made dishes and recipes, same with different art, songs, music, dances, languages & stories shared.

I’m a highly sensitive person (HSP) who is healing from complex trauma/ cPTSD, relational trauma & health challenges which means I sometimes struggle being around others & busy noisy environments, i am glad that at the WOWS events I attended, there were some quiet spots out in nature for people who needed space.

Filiz and the WOWS team do a fantastic job at planning, organising & hosting unique community experiences that celebrate, showcase & share diversity, different cultures and different flavours. Thank you Filiz & the WOWS team.


Women of world stage has been successfully bringing women from diverse cultural and linguistic communities together through information sessions on women’s health, fitness and any other issues that women express an interest in; also through cooking, dancing and singing. The Multicultural singing group meets once a week and if anyone introduces a song in their own language, the group endeavours to sing it all together which creates lots of fun.  If you are a woman who does not have extended family support here, you would highly benefit from participating in the WOWS activities.


I have enjoyed attending WOWS events. Filiz has continually come up with different interesting presentations such as cooking, dancing, arts, yoga, fashion show, short presentations in different topics, etc, plus always providing an opportunity for people to socialise and eat together and get to know each other in these events. Thank you Filiz for your creativity and hard work to bring us together. 


WOW is committed to social justice an members share their stories through an arts and culture lens.


I truly enjoy witnessing and experiencing the enthusiasm and positive energy of Filiz as a founder and coordinator of WOWS to bring together women of different cultures. I have observed how much we all are similar and going through life with similar aspirations.


It has been a good experience to be involved in  the WOWS choir & events. The choir has brought many different people together, sharing languages, music and culture.

I got to join a fresh pasta making session, which was fun & a new experience.

It was also good to be part of the Women’s Event, performing with the choir. Great to meet ladies from other cultures/backgrounds & come together: as our song was  titled ‘Women of the World unite’!

WOWS is a great way for women to connect to other women & be part of an interesting, diverse team.


Since I have been involved with WOWS I have enjoyed mixing with people from different cultural backgrounds. We enjoy singing together various songs from different origins and sharing our experiences.


I have very good experience with WOWS and I really enjoyed all events organised by WOWS. I met people from different cultures and learn so many things. Moreover, I participated in WOWS’ fashion show and I wore my Indian cultural dress. Everyone liked my dress and modelling. It was the greatest experience for me as I am fond of modelling and WOWS gave me the opportunity to model my cultural dress.

Most importantly WOWS helped me develop my self-confidence with which I was struggling for my entire life. I couldn’t get over my shy personality until I got involved with WOWS. The supportive and friendly environment, especially the president Filiz Shah’s very kind, warm and high level of support made me discover my strengths and  feel confident about myself. WOWS has changed my life in a positive way on many levels. Now that I have built my confidence, I am free to fly and get onto my feet to achieve my goals!

WOWS is growing rapidly and I hope one day WOWS will grow worldwide to assist more people all over the world. 


I  have  participated in WOWS events and activities many times as a guest and as a member.  I am currently a board member. I loved WOWS’ family/friendly, safe environment and the genuine and welcoming committee members.

I really like meeting with new people from different cultural backgrounds and making new friends. I enjoy diverse cultural and artistic performances and workshops. I love trying new food from different countries.

I bring my daughter with me to the WOWS events. She has made friends and learned a lot. 

WOWS is a good opportunity  and platform, not for adults only but for children as well – to get engaged, make friends and play.

I recommend everyone to come and join WOWS. I hope WOWS grows and expands all over the world, especially in the countries where they don’t have this sort of platforms and supports for women and their families.