Business Wing


The Women of World Stage’s Business Wing aims to support and empower small businesses and nurture connections with Perth businesses in a mutually beneficial relationship.

The Business Wing manages all relationships and partnerships between business communities and the Women of World Stage, including sponsorships, memberships, and affiliate partnerships.

We fully support women-led businesses and intend to assist these companies by empowering female entrepreneurs and building their financial acumen and self-confidence. The Business Wing also hopes to develop activities from other wings, such as the Multicultural Choir and Music Group and the Cultural Dance Group, into business ventures through performance opportunities.

Our own business ventures include a catering service, which aims to provide our community with healthy and sustainable food and experience and knowledge of food from different cultures.

We are currently accepting applications for business partnerships and sponsorships, as well as individual memberships. We are proud to be partnering and affiliating with several local businesses and organizations.

We have partnered with Ishar Multicultural Women’s Health Services, a not-for-profit that assists culturally and linguistically diverse women of all ages, and our affiliate members include Connect Groups, a company that has helped us in the creation of this website.

Our upcoming Multicultural Dance and Music Festival have opened up the opportunity for more business partnerships, and we are proud to associate with Harmony Beyond Fences, Ishar Multicultural Women’s Health Services, and the West Australian Multicultural Association

Business Memberships

We offer several levels of business memberships, partnerships, and sponsorships. Our business memberships have three levels. Community partners have an annual membership fee of $50, small businesses have a membership fee of $65, and large companies have a membership fee of $100 per year.

We love to support and encourage local businesses and offer partnership opportunities where we can work with business owners through our events, classes, and activities. Local businesses can work with our community to teach a lesson, host an event, or partner with our catering service.

The Women of World Stage is also accepting sponsorships and affiliated members to assist with our community’s development and growth. We currently have five levels of sponsorships available for upcoming events in our community, which can be found on our Sponsorship page.

Individual Memberships

The Women of World Stage also provides individual memberships for those wishing to attend classes, courses, activities, and events. We offer affordable annual memberships so that our community members can have access to services and events that support and empower them.

We have a full annual membership, available to adults in our community, for $35, a student and pensioner membership for $25, and an associate member fee for $18. Full members may receive discounts on events and activities. Our membership fees help us to give back to the community and offer events and activities that inspire and educate culturally diverse women, students, seniors, and families.