Senior Wing

The Women of World Stage’s Senior Wing focuses on supporting seniors and elders in our community, especially those in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

The Senior’s Wing aims to connect cultural elders with younger generations to educate, inspire, and build strong cultural and community bonds. It also provides a space for seniors to engage in enriching activities and events to build self-confidence, boost mental and emotional wellbeing, and improve quality of life.

Developing a diverse community with members of all ages helps educate, empower, encourage seniors and their families, and continue cultural legacies and wisdom.

The Senior’s Wing offers activities that give seniors and elders essential skills and gives them the opportunity to teach and engage with others.

Social, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Mental Health Talks
Mental Health Talks
Health and Nutrition Talks
Weight Loss/Weight Gain Workshops
Women’s Health Tasks
Domestic Violence and Trauma Sessions
Environmental Issues Talks
Local/Global Issue Awareness Talks
Yoga and Meditation Sessions
Mindfulness Workshops
Fitness and Sport Workshops

Capacity Building

Job Networking Opportunities
Financial Planning Sessions
Soap Making Workshops
Candle Making Workshops
Water Marbling Classes
Recycling Art Sessions
Sewing Classes
Technology Classes
Food Preserving Workshops
Healthy Eating Classes
Beauty and Fashion Workshops
Modelling Classes

Cultural and Community Integrations

Art Activities
Integrating Culture Sessions
Cultural Awareness Activities/Events
Networking Events
International Women’s Day Events
Harmony Week Celebration
We Are The Power Project (Gender Equality and Women In Leadership)
Police Talks
Disability Awareness Sessions
Family Law Talks
Dispute Resolution Talks
Cultural Choir and Music Group
Multicultural Music Festival
Cultural Art Workshops
Cultural Dance Classes
Cultural Games Festival Project
Food Preserving Festival Project
Show Us Your Culture Project
Let’s Have One Day In Your Way Project