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Women of World Stage WOWS Inc. (WOWS) is a not-for-profit organization consisting of members from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. It is a place where everyone has a voice.

WOWS aspires to make positive changes by inspiring and empowering women and their families and building bridges between communities. It provides health and wellbeing activities, capacity-building activities, art and cultural activities and events in a safe and friendly environment. The activities are aimed to serve as a platform to connect people to their roots, each other’s culture and the wider Australian community in order to build a sense of belonging and inclusiveness.

WOWS believes in the power of women and the collective work of communities to build a better life in the present and future.

Feminine energy is nurturing, loving, powerful, restoring and healing. Women are capable of doing everything they want. Women need to discover  and acknowledge the power in them and realise that  they  have a choice to channel that feminine power to make positive change, no matter how big or small.

Walk with us to build your confidence, achieve your goals and dreams and build a better future for our children and generations to come.  If the world is a stage, let’s play our role the best we can together.



WOWS envisages strong and ongoing friendships between women of diverse backgrounds to build harmony, peace, compassion and unity in the community for all, our children and future generations.


The mission of WOWS is to create social platforms to connect, acknowledge, support, empower, inspire, and educate women and their families to network, unite, and acknowledge their roles as global citizens, mothers, wives, sisters, and friends who can contribute to co-existence and inclusiveness for all.


  1. To connect, support, acknowledge, empower, and inspire women, to reach their full capacity, and improve their physical, social, emotional, and financial wellbeing.
  2. To break down barriers such as mental, emotional, cultural, and religious misconceptions, stereotypes, discrimination, and racism.
  3. To provide valuable and practical tools, ideas, activities, and solutions to empower women, overcome cultural differences and the challenges of migration.
  4. To create opportunities to make friends and build a rapport with participants.
  5. To appreciate and honour womanhood in all its beauty through dance, music, cooking, craft, sport, knowledge, recreation, and innovative ideas.
  6. To explore, learn and enjoy each other’s cultures.
  7. To provide a safe, supportive, friendly, and inclusive environment for women of all cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.
  8. To encourage women to freely express themselves on various topics, away from obstacles, influences, and barriers.
  9. To promote a united community through talks and discussions focused on local and global issues that affect women and their families.
  10. To encourage all women to be creative, innovative, productive, active, contributing and knowledgeable members of society.

About Us

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