Voices of World Ensemble

Weekly on Thursday between 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Weekly Every Thursday from 6 to 8pm at Hillview Intercultural Community Centre, Bentley.

VOW Ensemble aims to bring together people of diverse cultures, languages, and backgrounds, to foster feelings of acceptance and belonging, improve mental health and create a vibrant, solid, and connected society.

VOW Ensemble is a different and unique choral group concept compared to other choirs in WA.  Members are given opportunities to sing their cultural and national songs in their own languages and to learn songs in English and other languages. Musical instruments accompany the group.

The Ensemble is directed by a professional music director who is a well-accomplished and award-winning musician with 24 years of experience. The group is working towards performing at events and concerts and hosting a Cultural Music Festival Concert where community choirs, music groups, bands, and individuals from diverse backgrounds can perform.

Share your voice and instrumental skills in our multicultural choir, where we sing and play music from all around the world. Women, men and children are welcome.

Our talented Ensemble is available for hire. If you or your business has an event, party, or service requiring beautiful and accomplished singers and musicians, visit our contact page and register your interest in hiring our choir.

VOW Ensemble dedicates its work and creation to hidden musicians and artists with great talent and passion to music and art, like my mother, whom did not have the opportunity to practice due to cultural and financial barriers.” – Filiz Shah

The Proud VOW Ensemble

Filiz Shah: Founder | President | Managing Director | Concept Creator | Singer

Reza Mirzaei: Music Director | Arranger | Guitar, Persian Saz and Setar Player